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UBE basics & Training Program

Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy

  • 1. Fluid medium surgery : continuous fluid flow · hydrostatic pressure
  • 2. Biportal surgery : Endoscope and instrument · move independently.
  • 3. Triangulation
  • 4. Semi-tubular system at working portal : no visual limitation · no motional limitation
  • 5. One hand surgery : no support with another hand
  • 6. Lens inside body : more close, deep and clear
  • 7. Lens to be movable(not fixed) : always, all-directional

1. Hydrostatic pressure

Optimal pressure in Op field : controlled by gravity (cm1.36 = mmHg)

2. Semi-tubular system at working portal

  • Visual limitation

    Motional limitation

  • Retractor part : rigid

    Free part : flexible

    Semi-tubular : rigid+flexible

3. UBE can perform just like microsurgery ? YES.

Microsurgery PELD UBE
Medium Air Fluid Fluid
Continuous flow, more clear
Lens location Outside body Inside Inside
Less invasive, more close and deep
Tubular limitation
(visual, motional)
No No No
Semi-tubular system
Lens/ instrument
Move independently Move together Move independently
Biportal system

4. Instruments

  • Endoscopic system :
       endoscope (4mm), burr-drill with sheath (4.2mm)
  • RF system (spine probe)
  • Irrigating system
  • Specialized UBE instruments
  • Rotating & 2mm curved K-R
  • General spine instruments

5. UBE practice for a beginner

Position, drape, and setting



  • # Cauda equina syndrome
  • # ULIF (UBE lumbar interbody fusion)
  • # ASD 70Y/F severe LBP with both leg NIC
  • # OLF (ossification of ligamentum flavum)
  • # Thoracic old HNP(soft/ hard) with myelopathy
  • # Cervical HNP(paramedian)
  • # Cervical foraminal stenosis (removal of spur)
  • # Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy
  • # Epidural cyst
  • # Traumatic bursting fracture
  • Topic : UBE (Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy)
  • Program Director : Dr. Son, Sankyu, M.D.

The training program consists of interactive discussions in the morning on surgery cases of the day,
observation of diverse UBE surgery cases and detailed explanation on fundamental principles of
surgical methodology of UBE by Dr. Son, SangKyu, M.D.

We hope this unique experience will give you the opportunity to learn the state-of-the art endoscopic
spine surgery technique in a practically effective ambience, with 100% personal attention.

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